Learning support

Botany Public School understands that every student is unique and has different learning styles. All students learn at a different rate and some require additional support either academically or socially.

The Learning support Team (LST) meets each week to discuss and implement strategies to cater for individual student needs.

The LST consists of principal, Assistant Principal, Support Teacher Learning Assistance and School Councillor.

The LST also accepts appropriate Departmental support personnel to ensure that every child is supported in their educational setting. This includes educational, emotional and social support and programs.

Our goal is for every student regardless of ability, to become individual learners and responsible citizens of our school community.  

We monitor each student's progress and provide additional learning support if this is required.

Our school uses learning programs and specialised staff where needed and we work in partnership with parents and carers to assist students who have special learning needs.

Our school is committed to working with Aboriginal parents and community members in developing personalised plans for our Aboriginal students.